CitySoul exists to participate in the mission of God. We seek to eradicate social and spiritual loneliness by connecting people to God, and people to each other.


How We Work


We operate through both gathered communities that meet at specific times as well as mobile communities that are driven by common, causes, common interest as well as geographic location.

We aim to be a church on mission whilst in our gathered communities as well as through our mobile communities.

All of our communities are guided by 4 focus points whilst trying to express the mission of God in their contexts. These focus points include leadership development, community engagement, making space for those who wish to explore faith and worship.

Our core values:

We are




‘Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life...’ John 14:6

WAY - God has revealed himself in Jesus Christ, who therefore defines

our values, culture and identity. In all we do, we seek to be more like him.

TRUTH - Ultimately, all truth is God’s truth, and our core theology has a

strong foundation articulated in:

 The Apostles Creed

 Uniting Church Basis of Union

 The Lausanne Covenant

LIFE – Jesus came to bring life to the full. CitySoul has a culture marked

by being fully engaged with each other, our God, and our world.


Our Story

CitySoul as a church was birthed from the desire to participate fully in the mission of God at the heart of the Adelaide CBD.



Our team is from various backgrounds and all walks of life. We believe that a diverse set of strengths form the backbone of strong church leadership.

Cyrus Kung



Tansy Chen



Shun-Nga Hui 


Tuan Nguyen 

Chairperson of Council


Steph Teh



Jaime Ma


Zhe Lim

Treasurer of Council


Patrick Mann



Kt Kung